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Welcome to St Ignatius College.  As Headteacher of St Ignatius College, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our website which I hope you will find informative and will give you a flavour of life here at the College. 

We are a very distinctive community with a rich heritage and tradition of providing a Jesuit education for boys in north London for over 100 years and for girls in our Sixth Form since 2014. Care for the whole person, in Jesuit terms, cura personalis, is at the heart of our educational philosophy. We recognise each person's individual qualities and needs; our goal as a school is to educate the whole child, academically, emotionally, spiritually, and to help unlock each child's potential so that students will grow to be responsible, fulfilled adults working to make the world a better place and take their place confidently in our fast moving, modern society.

We want all in our community to be happy, feel valued and to thrive.  In order to do so, they must be safe, respected as the individual God made them to be and challenged academically.  We aim for our students to be men and women of competence, compassion and conscience. All in our community walk alongside our students on their faith and academic journey to ensure that when they leave us, they have the academic qualifications, confidence, principles, compassion and faith to make a significant contribution to society and be a force for good in the world. Our aim is to be men and women for others, living our faith and finding God in all we do.

We do not work in isolation.  Our partnership with our parents who entrust their children to us is key.   We foster open, honest supportive relationships and welcome parents to be involved in all aspects of school life.

As a school, we are on an exciting journey.  We continue to strive for excellence ensuring outstanding examination results, high quality teaching and learning, and pastoral care. We are incredibly fortunate, especially in such difficult times of funding for schools, to have the financial support of our Trustees, the Society of Jesus.  We are at the end of a £5 million building project which has transformed our learning environment.

We are a happy, caring, welcoming, Catholic community.  Our social, economic and cultural diversity is a real strength of the College.  I warmly invite you to visit and witness for yourselves life at St Ignatius College.

Mary O'Keeffe 


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    COVID-19 has affected the entire human community. The Ignatian Family will take part in a Worldwide Prayer Vigil this Saturday (7pm UK GMT) Click on the link to find out more and where it is being streamed.
  • @st_ignatius May - 25
    Wishing students and staff a happy half term. Rest and enjoy the good weather but stay safe 🌈☀️
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    When ready, I savour and linger over these profound words of Jesus, relishing their divine wisdom, letting them resonate within my being. Pray with the today's readings:
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    Thank you to all students who took part in Mr Duguid's Music Quiz. We had almost 300 entries, so it was extremely competitive! The prize winners are below:- 1st Place - Wojciech 9S 2nd Place - Johan 8G 3rd Place - Yathu 7G Congratulations!
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    will be holding a virtual youth concert on Saturday 20 June 2020. If students are interested in please create a video of their complete performance on an instrument or with a backing track. Please send to no later than 1st June.
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    Platinum Performing Arts are offering free online Street Dance classes for our students at 4pm on Thursdays after Half Term (from 4th June). To sign up, go to the link below, read the declaration and sign the consent form.
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    Want to level-up your music theory knowledge? Check out this excellent free course offered by the , equivalent to Grade 3 level. You get a certificate of completion at the end so please share with us once you finish!
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  • @st_ignatius May - 22
    Inspirational quote from scripture selected by a year 11 student; “The Lord will fight for you, and all you have to do is keep still.” (Exodus 14:14)
  • @st_ignatius May - 22
    quote of the day, “We must not think that these efforts are not going to change the world”. Chosen by our Laudato Si Team
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    Christ, while in heaven, is also with us; and we, while on earth, are also with him. St Augustine
  • @st_ignatius May - 21
    Inspirational quote from scripture selected by a year 10 student; “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” (Matthew 7:1-2)