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Welcome to St Ignatius College

As Headteacher, it is a pleasure to welcome you to our website which I hope will give you a flavour of life here at St Ignatius College.

First and foremost, our goal is academic excellence and intellectual formation. We believe that with the right support, all students can achieve and they do. We are all boys at KS3 and KS4 and our boys achieve exceptionally well, significantly better than boys locally or nationally.  With a mixed thriving and highly successful Sixth Form, we believe that we have the best of both worlds.

Our students are believed in and cared for: they are known and valued as individuals.  Human flourishing is at the core of our Catholic, Jesuit philosophy of education.  Each individual student is supported to develop fully: academically, socially, emotionally, culturally and spiritually. Our goal is for our students to have the qualifications, confidence, skills and clear sense of self to fulfil their ambitions, live full lives and to go into the world and make it a better                                                          place.

Partnerships with our parents is fundamental to all we do. We foster strong, open, honest, mutually supportive relationships and welcome and expect parents to be involved in all aspects of school life. We are outward looking and work closely with many other organisations, both locally and nationally.

The social, economic and cultural diversity of our community enriches us.  We are a Catholic, Jesuit school but in addition to Catholics, our students and staff belong to other faiths and other Christian traditions, and we encourage all of them to play a full part in the spiritual life of the school and to gain a deeper understanding of their faith. We have a wide catchment and are oversubscribed but you don’t need to be Catholic to attend this school.  

I warmly invite you and encourage you to visit to witness for yourselves life at St Ignatius College.

Mary O'Keeffe 


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    If you haven't got your tickets yet, click on the link below and get a chance to win amazing prizes for just £1! Help support a great cause! 🙏🎊The raffle tickets are available here: can get them and you don't need a ParentPay account!
  • @st_ignatius May - 25
    Parents are now able to renew and book music lessons and activities for Autumn 2023 from the Music Store, please visit: offers instrumental lessons on a wide range of instruments as well as vocal lessons! 🎤🎸#AMDG
  • @st_ignatius May - 25
    It was very insightful seeing the conductor and the musicians interacting and tweaking a masterpiece of music! 🪕🎵We're so honoured to be a part of this! 🙏
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    Check out instagram for a glimpse of all of the exciting things that are happening in our school this week!We're so honoured to be a part of this project! 🎻🪄⬇️⬇️⬇️
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    We are grateful to be a part of such an amazing experience!
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    A few snaps from the first day of our In Town residency in ! We’ve been delivering marketing and composition workshops for students, and will be welcoming the whole ensemble for rehearsals this week 🎻🏫
  • @st_ignatius May - 22
    Thank you for welcoming us for our In Town residency this week!
  • @st_ignatius May - 22
    We are back again with and !🎭📖Have you ever read Oedipus?#AMDG
  • @st_ignatius May - 22
    Delighted to welcome to their residency at our school. Looking forward to a great week of music
  • @st_ignatius May - 19
    Students loved hearing Alastair Campbell in interview yesterday at  about his new book 'But What can I do? 🤔 and his podcast .  Wonderful opportunity for students to engage in politics!
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    Very SPECIAL and today!📚
  • @st_ignatius May - 15
    Thinking about all of our students starting their exams this week, you're all in our prayers. 🙏Wishing you the best!#AMDG