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16 August 2018


Congratulations to our Year 13 students and their teachers on achieving superb results this summer in this first year of reformed A levels. We are incredibly proud of their achievements and delighted that the hard work and dedication of students and staff has culminated in such success. These excellent results mean that our students now have greater life choices and can access their university courses and apprenticeships. There were some exceptional results in specific subject areas. In Maths and Politics, 67% achieved A*-B. In RE, 100% achieved A*/A and in Physics, 50% achieved A*/A. In Chemistry, 60% achieved A*-B, in Economics, 48% achieved A*-B and in History, 56% achieved A*-B. There were also some outstanding individual performances: Sean Jennings achieved A*, A*, A to study Economics at Bath. Basil Suresh Champakulam achieved A*, A*, A to study Medicine at UCL. Noah Foster achieved A*, A, A to study Mathematical Physics at Nottingham. Ryan Togher achieved A, A, A to study Economics at Brunel. Good luck to all our Year 13 students as they embark on the next stage of their life journey. They will remain part of our community and will be in our thoughts and prayers as they go into the world and make their mark. “I am delighted with our year 13 students, not just because of their superb results but also because they are fine young men and women who I am confident will go on to make a significant contribution to society. It is wonderful that they have the qualifications they need to access the universities and courses of their choice. They are superb role models for our younger students and a credit to their families. I am also extremely proud of the hard work and dedication of our staff who have gone above and beyond to support our students and enable them to achieve such success.” Mary O’Keeffe Headteacher
13 December 2017


At St Ignatius College we strive to develop young people who are men and women for others; who act, not solely for their own interests but also for those around them, for the greater glory of God. There is no greater opportunity for us to enact these principles than for the benefit of less fortunate children in Tanzania. St Ignatius Prep and Primary is a fee paying school run by Sister Euphrasia. Through the scholarship scheme, Sossy’s Kids, we fund children who cannot afford the school fees. These are the least privileged children from the local area, and it is only from continual fundraising that these children have the opportunity to attend St Ignatius Prep and Primary school. Attending St. Ignatius means that these children are taught in English rather than Kiswahili. This is a vital skill in preparation for secondary school and further education, where all lessons are taught in English. For many of these children this offers them their only route out of poverty and provides them with a chance of a better future for themselves and their families. This year we are launching a crowdfunding page to help us to reach our target of £2000. We would gratefully appreciate your support in our fund raising endeavours.  Your contribution will benefit a child in Tanzania and provide them with a hopeful future. Thank you very much – or, as they say in Tanzania, Asante Sana! Visit Our Crowd Funding Page  
25 September 2017

GCSE Results 2017

CONGRATULATIONS to students at St Ignatius College on achieving superb GCSE results this summer. We are delighted with students’ achievements: 79% grade 4 and above in both English and Maths 54% grade 5 and above in both English and Maths English 91% achieved grade 4-9 77% achieved grade 5-9 Maths 81% achieved grade 4-9 59% achieved grade 5-9 We are especially pleased with the number of higher grades across a range of subjects: Maths - 32% of students achieved grades 7 – 9 English - 20% of students achieved grades 7 – 9 A*/A Physics (52%), Biology (42%), Chemistry (45%), History (33%) and RE (32%). The following students achieved grade 9 in Maths: Jonathan Fernandes, Miles Forsyth-Hecken, Karujan Jeyaseelan, Josh McNeely, Louie Ricciardi, Jackson Warren The following students achieved grade 9 in English: Tom Gilbert, Josh McNeely, Ravi Singh Baljeet The following students achieved grade 9 in English Literature: Aaron Benjamin, Jonathan Fernandes, Akwasi Gyamfi-Asante, Kyle John-Campbell, Josh McNeely, Daniel Mubenga, Devon Perera, Daniel Shaw We are particularly proud of Josh McNeely who achieved grade 9 in English, English Literature and Maths making him one of 2050 students nationally who achieved these grades. Other exceptional performances are: Miles Forsyth-Hecken achieved 8A* and B Louie Ricciardi achieved 6A* and 3A Oscar Warr achieved 6A* and 3A Stefan Wiecek achieved 6A* and 4A Tom Gilbert and Sean Sullivan achieved 4A* and 5A Connor Loughran achieved 4A*, 4A and 1B Daniel Shaw 3A* and 6A We are very proud of each individual child and their own personal achievements. Today was a day to celebrate the hard work and commitment of students and staff. We are exceptionally proud of the support and pastoral care that students receive and of our partnership with parents.  The Headteacher Mary O’Keeffe, said “I am delighted that so many individual pupils have achieved outstanding personal performance.  I congratulate them and I thank all the staff who have worked tirelessly to make this possible; I couldn’t ask them to do as much as they choose to do.  Above all, I thank our parents for their continued support of their sons, our pupils. We could not do this without them.”  

8 Blog Posts found

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