‘Glee’ project success: D’Saintz make it to the big stage

When ‘Glee’ first came to St Ignatius College, no one knew whether it would take off.  As a TV series, ‘Glee’ has characters are known for their ability to sing, act and dance, but would there be the talent at St Ignatius College to create a similar ‘Glee’ group?  We needn’t have worried however, as the turnout for the first rehearsal was impressive, and pupils relished having a platform to show off their artistic skills.  Quickly, a core group of highly talented pupils emerged, and D’ Saintz was born.

Through weekly rehearsals with dance teacher Jo Bakhurst, the group members developed their artistic skills and worked closely as a team to create a highly professional dance routine.  In October the group performed at the regional heat in Enfield’s Dugdale Centre, where they wowed the judges and audience alike with moves ranging from breakdance to body popping and flips.  The constant cheers from the audience and the awe-stricken faces of the judges made it obvious that the routine was a success.  Needless to say, they were promptly put through to the showcase performance taking place at the Millfield Theatre on Sunday 13th November.  Of course, they performed equally as well again and won the whole competition.  As a result, every participant has won free pantomime tickets and a month’s scholarship with Platinum Performing Arts.

Congratulations to all the fabulous dancers in D’ Saintz:
Cardell Flavien-Nicholas, Victor Nambago, Henry Nzama, Chuka Okechukwu,
Ralph Adu-Twum, Khari Oram, Ashton Sylvester and Santiago Wagner Velez

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