Head Boy and Head Girl Jesuit Schools Conference

On Monday 8th November the second annual Head Boy and Head Girl Jesuit Schools Conference was held at St Ignatius College in Enfield.

This highly successful initiative brought together Sixth Form students from all over the country to discuss what it means to be taught in Jesuit education, what the common values and experiences are, and to share their own faith journey and receive training in leadership and management.

Fr Tim Byron SJ led a session on Servant Leadership: The Call of the King, placing Jesuit values at the centre of student formation. Mr Morrison led a session on leadership and management. The students were actively engaged in discussing how they could utilise their leadership skills from the school context to the outside world.

Mr Morrison said “It was a real pleasure to see the talent and enthusiasm represented by all the Jesuit schools in the UK. The students were innovative and creative and demonstrated how important it was to them to have received a Jesuit education. They were very impressive and it was a highly enjoyable day”.

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