The key measure of a school’s success is the amount of progress that children make each year as reflected in GCSE performance.

This is the focus of Ofsted but it is also the focus of the College. For this reason the school has developed highly sophisticated tracking procedures which focus on the progress made by each pupil and both inform and allow specific targeted intervention programmes to be put in place to support pupils. This extensive programme of intervention operated from January 2014 and has had a significant impact on the achievements of our pupils this year in the GCSE exams. As most parents know, the College achieved its best ever GCSE results in 2014; the pass rate at 5 high grade (A*-C) passes including English and Maths this year was 68% (this may be upgraded as we await some re-marks).  81.76% of students made 3 Levels of Progress in English, whilst 73.10% made 3 Levels of Progress in Maths. 44% of the year group managed to achieve the English Baccalaureate.  Underlying this, however, is the fact that pupils this year achieved the best ever rates of progress achieved by the school – a remarkable achievement.

It should be noted that over 80% of pupils achieved high grade passes in English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Music and German. With such outstanding performance in the core subjects the school is solidly and strongly placed to build further on its achievements. The full table of results is shown below.

Year 11 2014-15 Summer Subject Attainment

At A-Level our pass rate remained at a very high level of 96.4% and there were outstanding individual performances which ensured that over 94% of students went on to a university of their choice. It should be noted that the College, unlike many schools, believes that every student’s results are important and there is no culture of ‘culling’ students who are unlikely to achieve grades A* to B; in such schools, the standing of the school in the league tables can take preference over the achievement of individual students and their progression onto the next stage of their life journey.

Year 12 2014-15 Summer Subject Attainment

Year 13 2014-15 Summer Subject Attainment