Parental Information

Here at St Ignatius College, the Sixth Form is a community within a community where students are guided towards becoming well-rounded individuals. We ensure that everyone reaches their full potential, both academically and personally, and we foster an atmosphere of collaboration and support.  


The Sixth Form is led by a dedicated and highly experienced team who will support students during their time at St Ignatius College: 

Mrs C Keene         Sixth Form Pastoral Support Manager 

Ms K O’Connor      Assistant Headteacher

Mr A Panteli          Head of Year 12

Ms O Giacon         Head of Year 13, Academic Mentor

Form Tutors play a vital role in supporting students throughout their Sixth Form journey. All of our Sixth Form tutors are KS5 teachers, and so are able to offer subject specific support and expertise to their students. We have a vertical tutoring system in the sixth form.  Mixing the Year 12s and 13s in tutor groups provides opportunities for Year 12s to learn from our Year 13s and be mentored by them.  It also helps create the sense of a close-knit community that ensures our students thrive.  

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the pastoral team by emailing:

Or by calling: 

01992 703363 


Being in the Sixth Form requires students to make many decisions on their futures. Whatever path students choose to take, and whatever challenges they will be faced with, we will support them throughout their journey.  Tutors follow a programme which begins with induction themes to ensure students settle quickly into their studies.  Students will also be encouraged to take part in discussions and listen to TED talks.  Tutor time is also used to begin the UCAS process and opportunities are provided for students to ensure they are fully prepared for Higher Education. 

As students will study fewer subjects than they did at KS4, they will have a greater number of study lessons on their timetable. Students are expected to spend this time in either the silent study room or the library completing independent study tasks such as going over lesson notes, completing further exercises or preparing for upcoming lessons. The new study facilities are supervised by a member of staff, so that there is always someone available for advice and support in developing the independent study skills that are vital for them to achieve in their subjects. 


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