At St Ignatius College we offer a wide range of subjects including A Levels, BTEC and Cambridge Nationals, and the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). 

You can read our minimum entry criteria for courses below, as well as finding out more about each course.

Sixth Form Entry Requirements 2024

Prospectus Booklet 2024


As part of the Sixth Form curriculum,students also study Core RE as well as a Games lesson every Wednesday period 5, where students are expected to participate in different forms of exercises or enrichment opportunities.

We also offer the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) to students studying 3 A-Levels as a way to explore and expand your subject knowledge beyond the taught curriculum and is equivalent to an additional AS Level qualification. The EPQ is a self-directed project designed to develop your research, referencing and critical analysis skills. The EPQ is excellent preparation for University study.

Below are some of the research projects undertaken by past students:  

  • Disparity between the (legal/political), (ethical/moral) and (cultural/religious) representation of crime and punishment – is this a hindrance for international legal code?  
  • The current issues with the international drug patent system. How can WE change it?  
  • Planes of the next generation: Is renewable energy the way forward?  
  • Are ethnic minorities more likely to be involved in knife crime than others?  
  • To what extent has safety in Formula 1 improved?  
  • What is the most prominent factor affecting violence in London? 
  • How effective are different sales strategies at producing more demand for a product and why?  
  • Are serial killers born or created?  
  • Has mental health in the NFL been undermined and ignored? 


We are proud to offer all Year 12 and Year 13 students studying Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Maths, Physics, and Psychology access to Uplearn as part of their learning journey at St Ignatius College Sixth Form. The platform is used to support independent learning, intervention strategies, consolidation and pre-learning of content through content videos, quizzes, practice exam papers, exam technique support and 24/7 tutor support.