All education in our College is underpinned by the belief in the unique dignity of the human person, made in the image of God. We are involved in relationships and sex education precisely because of these Christian beliefs about the human person and our relationship with God. There is no longer sacred or profane, natural or supernatural, mortification or prayer – because it is one and the same Spirit who brings it about that the Christian will see and ‘find God in all things’. As such, Christians must strive to know and understand the gifts which have been given to us by our Creator, in order to appreciate fully His power and His love for us. Therefore, our approach to RSE is rooted in the Catholic teachings around the human person, presented in the positive framework of broader Christian ideals. It is concerned with nurturing human wholeness and is integral to the physical, spiritual, emotional, moral, social and intellectual development of pupils. It will be centred on Christ’s vision of being human as good news and will be positive and prudent, showing the potential for development, while enabling understanding and appreciation of the dangers and risks which may be faced in the real world.

All RSE will be in accordance with the Church’s moral teaching. It will enshrine Catholic values relating to the importance of stable relationships, marriage and family life, whilst acknowledging that all pupils have a fundamental right to respect irrespective of their background or identity. As a consequence of the Christian belief that we are made in the image and likeness of God, gender and sexuality are seen as God’s gift, reflect His beauty, and are an undeniable part of divine creation. RSE will reflect this through ensuring students recognise the importance of diversity, both in human beings and in relationships or sexuality. RSE will also promote those virtues which are essential in responding to God’s call to love others with a proper respect for their dignity and the dignity of the human body. The following virtues will be explicitly explored and promoted: faithfulness, fruitfulness, chastity, integrity, prudence, mercy and compassion.

RSE has become a core part of our College experience, allowing students to become more effective men and women for others and allowing for cura personalis, the care for the whole person, educating our students for the real world.

Right to Withdraw

Parents/carers no longer have the right to withdraw their children from Relationships Education as the government has dictated that the contents of these subjects – such as family, friendship, safety (including online safety) – are important for all children to be taught. 

Furthermore, parents/carers cannot withdraw their children from sex education required by the National Curriculum for Science. 

Parents will continue to have a right to request to withdraw their child from sex education delivered as part of RSE in secondary schools. Please note that any withdrawal being sought by parents is only applicable up to and until three terms before the child turns 16. After that point, if the child wishes to receive sex education rather than be withdrawn, the school will make arrangements to provide the child with sex education, as per the statutory requirements. 

 Due to the multi-faceted and holistic manner in which RSE will now be taught, withdrawal from small sections of the curriculum could lead to students missing important information and knowledge to help protect themselves and live happy, fulfilled lives. 

Should parents/carers wish to withdraw their children, they are asked to notify the College by contacting the headteacher.  The College will then discuss and attempt to resolve any issues with the wellbeing of the student at heart. The College will provide support via the provision of material for parents to help children with their learning. 

Despite this, we strongly believe that the controlled, knowledge-driven environment of the classroom is the safest place for this curriculum to be followed. 

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