The Ignatian Curriculum

Our Purpose:

As a Jesuit School, St Ignatius College is charged with the Intellectual Formation, Spiritual Nourishment and Pastoral Care of all members of our community. The principles of Jesuit Education are embedded into every aspect of our curriculum, which is designed for the formation of young men and women of ‘Competence, Conscience and Committed Compassion’ who will, in the words of Ignatius, ‘go forth and set the world on fire’.

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Competence (Intellectual Foundation)

The first strand of our curriculum will develop in our young people a sense of deep curiousity about the world, which will spark a love of learning. This love of learning will be fostered across a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.

Intellectual Formation QuoteBroad: We remain committed to the teaching of the Arts & Technology as well as the more traditional academic disciplines of Maths, Science, Humanities and Languages.

Balanced: Religious Education will be at the ‘core of the core’ curriculum at every Key Stage from year 7 to 13. Every student will have the opportunity for regular physical exercise at least once a week, in line with the principle of cura personalis.

Relevant: Recognising the context in which our community exists, our curriculum will meet the needs of all of our students, and prepare them for the opportunities of the 21st Century world of technology and work.

By following carefully planned and tailored programmes of study, our students will gain deep knowledge of their subjects. Pupils with SEND are supported to access the curriculum through the support of their class teachers, Learning Support Assistants and the Learning Development Department. Through the expert pedagogy of our teaching staff, they will work towards academic mastery in their chosen fields, which will not only prepare them for the demands of pubic examinations but will allow them to continue to follow their academic passions into higher education, and take their place in the modern world. 

Conscience (Spiritual Formation):

Spiritual Formation QuoteThrough the consideration of the moral and ethical issues that occur in all aspects of the modern world, our students will learn to be reflective and discerning, with a strong sense of moral purpose. With Religious Education at the core of the core curriculum, and complemented by a carefully planned Citizenship and PSHE programme, the ethical dilemmas our students will face as adults will be explored sensitively and thoughtfully, and each student will be encouraged to think freely rather than recite a pre-ordained set of doctrines.

At this point in the 21st Century, the questions of what it means to be human and how to safeguard the future of our planet have never been more urgent. The key messages of Pope Francis’ Laudato Si of Sustainability, Human Dignity and Social Justice will be embedded into every subject area, as well as reflected in the ethos, culture and operation of St Ignatius College.

Our students will learn and grow in an atmosphere of prayer, reflection and worship. From the regular time when our entire community pauses to reflect and pray the Examen, to every word a student writes on the page, all of our activity is dedicated to the Greater Glory of God – Ad Majoreum De Glorium (AMDG).

Compassion (Pastoral Care):

Pastoral Care QuoteOur curriculum will foster a generation of young people who will, in the words of Fr Pedro Arrupe, be ‘men (and women) for others’. Embedded into the curriculum will be opportunities for all of our young people to undertake acts of service to others, whether through Partnership with fellow Jesuit schools around the world or through partnerships closer to home such as working with food banks and welcoming elderly members of the community to our College. Students will have the opportunity to undertake service projects within the College grounds, using their God-given talents for the betterment and sustainability of our environment.

Our students will be encouraged to take roles of responsibility, and whether as College Companions, team captains, College Council representatives or as part of the College Captaincy Team, they will undertake their roles in the spirit of ‘Servant Leadership’.

Our formation of young people includes the whole person (cura personalis) and a strong, responsive and caring team of pastoral and student staff will work alongside our teachers, ready to walk alongside our students and help them overcome the barriers they may face on their journey to adulthood.


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