At St Ignatius College, cura personalis - or 'care for the whole person' - is at the heart of our philosophy. ​We want students to be educated in all areas of life: academically, emotionally, physically, artistically, culturally, socially and spiritually. ​We want them to grow to be confident, successful, responsible, fulfilled adults, working to make our world a better place. ​We want them to engage with the whole range of extracurricular activities on offer.

Students will be presented with a comprehensive list of these opportunities every term by their form tutor. ​Some of these will have restricted entry, some will be for specific year groups, but many will be open to all Ignatians, in all year groups.​ Included will also be the opportunity to take part in Ignatian Hands activities. These will be volunteering and charitable work. ​

​Whether students choose to engage in sports, develop their knowledge of a subject beyond the classroom, make music, explore their Ignatian spirituality, learn to cook, or play their part in making our community (and the world beyond) a better place, all of these experiences will stand students in fantastic stead, helping them achieve their aspirations later in life.​

Students will be provided with an ‘Ignatian Passport’ so that they can record what they have learnt and keep track of what they have completed each term.

If students complete 1 term of enrichment each year, they will receive a bronze award.​

If students complete 2 terms of enrichment each year, they will receive a silver award.​

If students complete 3 terms of enrichment each year, they will receive a gold award.​

If, at the end of sixth form, students have achieved a Gold Award in all previous years, alongside a variety of Ignatian Hands (volunteering) activities, they will be able to apply to receive the Platinum Award.

Students will have to articulate, in writing, what they have learned from their wide variety of experiences in order to achieve this prestigious award. ​

A copy of the Ignatian Passport can be found below:

Ignatian Passport


Draft Enrichment activities 2023-2024