Code of Conduct

“The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils respect the school and their teachers.” (Ofsted, 2016)

The Governing Body, Headteacher and staff at St Ignatius College are committed to fostering a learning environment which enables the ‘improvement in living and learning for the greater glory of God and the common good’. Every member of our school community is valued equally. Each individual is born in God’s image and likeness and as such has a responsibility to be a man or woman for others as well as to aim for their own personal excellence with a clear understanding of right and wrong.

We all work for the good of the College and treat each other with courtesy, respect and dignity at all times in the promotion of positive relationships between all members of our school community. At St Ignatius College we believe that teachers have the right to teach, pupils have the right to learn and everyone has the right to safety and respect.

Ignatian Code of conduct (ICC)