Safeguarding Information for Visitors

St Ignatius College


While visiting and working in our school we expect you to take care of our students and to follow our procedures:

If you are alerted to any signs of abuse and neglect during your visit please follow our Safeguarding procedures, by asking to speak to a member of the Child Protection team and to ensure that all students receive effective support and protection.

If a student tells you something that suggests they are at risk of harm, inform them that you must pass the information on to the appropriate member of staff in school.

Do not question a student or try to secure evidence as your responsibility is to report your concern, not to investigate.

If you become concerned about a student’s immediate safety, notify the nearest member of staff and tell them why you are concerned.

St Ignatius College seeks to protect children and young people against the messages of all violent extremism including, but not restricted to, those linked to Islamist ideology, or to Far Right / Neo Nazi / White Supremacist ideology, Irish Nationalist and Loyalist paramilitary groups, and extremist Animal Rights movements.

If you are concerned for a student’s health, welfare, safety or have any concerns relating to any form of extremism or radicalisation you must inform our reception staff before leaving the building, who will contact an appropriate member of staff for you to discuss your concerns with.

If you have any questions or wish to see our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy, please inform our reception staff who will be able to advise you.



Do not leave bags or items unattended

Report anything suspicious immediately

Unattended bags or packages may simply be forgotten or discarded items- but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Don’t be afraid to report anything suspicious, such as:

  • Bags, boxes or other packages left unattended – especially if partially hidden or in unusual locations.
  • Do not touch suspect packages? Ensure you inform a responsible person, i.e Teacher, Caretaker immediately.

Fire Alarm

Anyone (staff, pupils or visitors) discovering an outbreak of fire should, without hesitation, sound the nearest fire alarm or raise the alarm. The alarm sounds like (constant ringing of the school bell)


On hearing the alarm, leave the building by the nearest exit and make your way to the assembly point as shown on the plan. Do not re-enter the building until instructed to do so.

Assembly Point

This is situated in the large playground for all staff, students and visitors.