Student Council

The Student Council consists of elected representatives from each form group led by Mrs O'Keeffe (Headteacher), a representative of the Senior Leadership team and the College Captain.  The Student Council meets every halfterm.

The aim of the Student Council is to enable students to become partners in their own education, make positive contributions to the school environment and ethos, but also to provide a basis for active learning of important life skills, such as speaking, listening, teamwork, emotional literacy, problem-solving, moral reasoning, self-esteem and self confidence.



What you said: "I don’t always know my target grade."
What we did: Created a tracker to put on the front of all your books.

What you said: "I don’t always have access to a computer a home."
What we did: Opened up the Octagon until 4.30pm every day.

What you said: "I find it difficult to revise for exams."
What we did: Produced a revision techniques booklet for all Year 10 and 11 pupils.

What you said: "The toilets are horrible."
What we did: Improved the facilities and redecorated.