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Remote Learning

Updated 4 January 2021

In response to the current national lockdown St Ignatius is providing remote learning for all curriculum lessons on Google Classroom. Our aim is to provide "live" lessons wherever possible enabling students to continue to interact with their teachers and study their normal curriculum remotely.

Where possible students will continue to study the pre-existing St Ignatius curriculum whilst learning from home. On the rare occasion that this is not possible, the sequence of units of work may be altered to support remote learning. Any unit of work that is re-sequenced will still be covered, just at a later date.

If it is not possible for a remote lesson to be taught "live", due to the absence or illness of teaching staff, the lesson will be taken by one of our team of cover supervisors to maintain the "live" element. If we do not have the staffing capacity within the cover supervisor team, lesson materials will be posted on the Google Classroom with guidance and students will complete classwork independently.

Students who are attending out 'critical' worker provision will be allocated a computer in out ICT facilities and will attend the same "live" lessons as those students working from home.

Our expectation is that students will treat remote lessons with the same respect that they do face to face lessons. We expect students to attend and engage fully in all lessons, unless they are unwell. Behaviour expectations remain the same and further guidance can be found in the online student protocols document.

Work completed remotely will be assessed in very much the same way as work completed in class. Staff will acknowledge any work that is submitted and conduct deeper marking on two assessed pieces of work each half-term. For assessed pieces of work, teachers will provide feedback and improvement tasks.

The main platform we are using for our remote provision is Google Classroom, all homework and remote classwork will be set on this platform.  Subject teachers may also use a range of other websites and the detail of these can be found in the table below.  Please also refer to our Remote Learning policy, continuity of teaching plan and online learning protocols for students which detail our provision. The following links/sections can offer further support:

Students can receive support with Google Classroom login issues at:

SEND students can receive specific support at:

To request the loan of a device for your child, please email their Learning Coordinator.  Email addresses can be found on our website page: /321/year-groups

Clare Letford Assistant Headteacher (Teaching & Learning) is our Remote Learning Lead.

School Day - Lesson Times

Lesson Times for all year groups from 5 January 2021:


Lesson times

Google Classroom Support Videos

Google Classroom support for students and parents:

Parent guide to the basics of Google Classroom


How to navigate Google Classroom as a parent

Playstation/Xbox/Iphone notes

How to scan your childs homework using an Iphone or an Ipad

If you do not have a scanner at home, please see the link below which explains how you can to do this using an Iphone or Ipad:


Using a Playstation or Xbox to access Google classroom

Did you know that your child can access Google Classroom if they have a Playstation or Xbox?  Please see instructions below or please click here to download a copy of this document.


You must ensure that you use a supported web browser.  We recommend using the current version of one of the browsers listed below:

Please note, If you wish to use Internet Explorer for Meet, you will need to download and install the latest version of the Google Video Support plug-in.

Using playstation or xbox to access google classrooms


Subject Links


Subject Subject Links

English Loom

BBC Bitesize Geography KS3






Subject Subject Links







Year 11 Geography Padlet:





Seneca learning



Subject Subject Links
English Seneca Learning


Seneca learning


Seneca learning

Online Safety

Please click here for information for parents about online safety.

Online Learning Parent Support/Advice

Supporting daily routines during school closure : 


Planning the day :                                                                             

Supporting Home Learning Routines


7 top tips to support reading at home :


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