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FIGs (Friends of St Ignatius College)


FIGS Committee Members

Current committee members include:

Chair: Kathy Campaniello (Shadowed by Siobhan Bailey)
Vice Chair: Debbie Shaw (Shadowed by Jennifer Webb)
Treasurer: Trish Carry (Shadowed by Ritsa Makou
Secretary: Gill Conway, Kathryn McLoughlin

Refreshments Organiser: Kathy Burns

PRO: Vacant

School link: Teresa Neary


The committee relies totally on a wide network of parents, friends, staff and pupils who volunteer to organise or help at events.There is a rich tapestry of events organised by FIGS which also happen to be great fun for parents, staff and Governors alike. Details are on the College Calendar.

You are invited to contact the Friends of St Ignatius College for further information on how you can volunteer or with ideas/comments/requests via our email or via our communications box in the school office.

FIGs Information Leaflet

Key Dates


Happyschoolbags collection 2 – Friday 19th January 2017

Quiz Night 2 – Friday 23rd March 2018 (booking form)



Happyschoolbags collection 3 – Friday 20th April 2018

Summer Celebrations: Mass, BBQ and Fund Day - Sunday 8th July 2018 11am - 3pm

Happyschoolbags collection 4 – Thursday 28th June & Friday 29th June 2018

Happy Schoolbags

Our latest collection raised a fantastic £437.45

A big thank you to all those who filled their ‘happyschoolbag’with unwanted yet reusable clothing, paired shoes, accessories and bed-linen. Please click here for further amazing happyschoolbag news!

The next collection will be on Thurs 28th and Fri 29th June 2018– let’s continue to beat each total


To read the minutes of the September 2017 committee meeting (11.9.17) click here

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To read the minutes of the April 2018 meeting (30.04.18) click here

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To read Chair report from the recent AGM click here

Fundraising events

Congratulations and thank you to all those who have contributed to/attended our recent fundraising events. Grateful appreciation and thanks also to our sponsors who support FIGs with such generous donations. 

Please click here to read more about our past fundraising events (2016 -2017).

Please click here to read more about this year's fundraising events (2017 - 2018)


Quiz Night March 2018 raised a fantastic £1,450. Thank you to all those who attended, helped and supported this marvellous event.
Click here to read more

Easy Fundraising

How to use Easyfundraising when booking a holiday: click here to download information

Letter to parents about easy fund raising: click here to download