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Teaching Staff

Leadership Team

Mrs M O'Keeffe (Headteacher)

Mr J Carrigy (Deputy Headteacher - KS4 Achievement, Data and Reporting)

Miss N Socrates (Deputy Headteacher - Curriculum, T&L, Staff Development)

Mr B Cassidy (Assistant Headteacher - KS3 Achievement)

Mr A King (Assistant Headteacher - Teaching, Learning and Assessment)

Mr K Mullen (Assistant Headteacher -Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare)

Miss K O'Connor (Assistant Headteacher - Sixth Form)


Lay Chaplain/Designated Teacher of LAC

Mr J Dawson 



Mrs K Cronan



Ms S Richards (Subject Leader)

Dr S Hunter


Business and Economics

Mr M Muhammad (Subject Leader Business Studies)

Mr J Carrigy

Mr G Katsande


Computer Science and ICT

Mr M Abdullahi (Subject Lead of Computer Science)

Miss A Chaima



Mrs A Mangera (Subject Leader)

Mrs N Campbell-Simms (Year 9 Learning Co-ordinator)

Mr A Clark (RSE Lead - Personal Development and Wellbeing Co-ordinator)

Mrs S Constanti

Miss Y Gan

Mr H Ingles (KS5 English and UCAS Co-ordinator)

Miss S March (KS3 English Co-ordinator/Lead Practitioner)

Miss N Wichitsin

Miss B Yazgili



Mr R Smith (Subject Leader)

Mr C Georgiou

Ms M O'Neill (Acting Literacy Lead Co-ordinator)

Mr J Berry



Ms A Gallagher (Subject Leader)

Mr J Ashley

Mr A King

Mrs V O'Neill



Ms H Ali 



Mr C Poulter (Acting Subject Leader)

Mr J Eves (KS5 Maths Co-ordinator)

Mr J Mica

Mr E Matimba

Mr F Opoku-Mensah (Year 11 Learning Co-ordinator)

Mrs D O'Reilly (KS3 Maths Co-ordinator)

Mr N Ward

Mr R Zaman


Media Studies

Ms H Bolwell (Subject Leader/Drama)


Modern Foreign Languages

Ms N Andreou (Subject Leader)

Miss Y Gan (Mandarin)

Mrs A Joson



Mr A Duguid (Subject Leader)

Mr J Viljoen



Mr D Amias (Subject Leader of Politics)


Physical Education

Mr C Roche (Subject Leader)

Mr B Galvin (Sixth Form Learning Co-ordinator)

Mr K Mullen 

Mr D Makins (Learning Co-ordinator Year 8)


Religious Education

Mrs R Blake (Subject Leader)

Ms C Redmond (Second in Charge, Year 7 Learning Co-ordinator)

Mr M N Cooper-Levitan

Mr D Colbran

Ms D Craven

Mr J Dawson

Ms N Socrates


Social Sciences

Ms K O'Connor (Subject Leader)

Mr A Wall



Mr L Coleman-Hughes (Subject Leader/Head of Physics) 

Ms A Bridle (Head of Biology)

Ms A Camacho Santamans

Mr B Cassidy

Mrs E Mica

Mr T O'Mara (Acting Head of Physics)

Dr R Porcari  (Lead Practitioner)

Ms S Maseko 



Ms S Richards (Subject Leader)

Support Staff

Mr T Allen (IT Technician Assistant/ Administrator)

Ms D Bapodra (PA to Headteacher)

Ms M E Cannon (Learning Support Assistant)

Mr J Chapman (Assistant Site Manager)

Mr H Chilcot (Learning Support Assistant/ELSA)

Mrs A Cook (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Mrs R Corcoles (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs L Cuffe (Administrator - Reception)

Mr N Darko-Saawka (Learning Support Assistant)

Mr A Dell (Librarian)

Ms N DeSouza (Learning Support Assistant)

Ms L Diaz Campanero (Languages Assistant)

Mrs S Di Biasio (Administrator - Admissions) 

Mrs C Di Pierro (Lead Welfare Practitioner)

Mr J Done (Assistant Network Manager)

Mr V Edirimanasinghe (Pastoral Support Officer/Wellbeing lead)

Mr R Fenton-West (Pastoral Support Officer)

Mrs J Fordham (Finance Officer)

Miss O Giacon (Academic Mentor)

Mr A Gyamfi (Assistant Site Manager)

Miss A Harper (Network Manager)

Mrs S Henderson (Student Services Support Officer)

Ms A Hood (Cover Supervisor)

Ms A Hosking (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Ms L James (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs C Keene (KS5 Pastoral Manager)

Mrs M Kidd (Attendance Officer/ Welfare)

Miss A Knight (Administrator - General)

Mr A Lartae (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs S Mulroy (SEND Administrator)

Mrs T Neary (Attendance Officer)

Mrs J O'Brien (School Business Manager)

Mr D O'Mahoney (Mentor)

Mrs P Orsiri (Reprographics Technician)

Mrs J Pomfrett (Finance Assistant)

Mr L Powell (Y11 Learning Co-ordinator/Pastoral Support Officer)

Mrs A Ravat (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Ms P Ramtohul (Learning Support Assistant)

Mr S Richards (Art/ DT Technician)

Mrs S Sander (Science Technician)

Mr C Sarpong (Cover Supervisor)

Mr S Satkunarajah (Learning Support Assistant)

Ms I Serbetli (HR Administrator/ Marketing Officer)

Mr R Singh (Learning Support Assistant)

Ms L Smith (Learning Support Assistant)

Ms B Sridharan (Learning Support Assistant)

Mr S Stanev (Premises Manager)

Mr J Taverner (Timetable and Exams Manager)

Mr M Vora (Senior Technician)