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Pupils at St Ignatius College are expected to display high standards of appearance at all times and should wear their uniform with pride.

Items are specified here: School Uniform St Ignatius College


For swimming, students will need to wear navy or black swimming shorts/trunks (must be lycra/skin tight material and not bermuda shorts), Goggles and Swim Hats are optional (swim hats are compulsory for longer hair).

Please note that PE, swimming and games kits should not be left in classrooms or bags overnight. Kits should also not be loaned to other pupils.

Please ensure that articles of clothing are clearly marked with the owner’s name.



J. Smith & Sons, 155 Lancaster Road, EN2 0JN (020 8363 2424) (school uniform)

COVID-19 Update from J. Smith & Sons:  click here to visit their website


Lyons School Shop, 242 Hertford Road, EN3 5BL (020 8804 3627) (school uniform).  Please click here for price list.

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Our PE Kit supplier is ORC Sport. Website:

Our PE Kit can also be purchased at Lyons School Shop   -  242 Hertford Road, EN3 5B, 242 Hertford Road, Enfield, EN3 5BL. Tel: 020 8804 3627



GAMES or PE Kit?

GAMES: If 'GAMES' is shown on a students' timetable, then they should wear their Rugby kit underneath a plain Navy tracksuit or similar

PE: If 'PE' is shown on a students' timetable, then they should wear their white kit under a plain navy tracksuit.

For 'SWIMMING' students should wear their white kit and bring their swimming kit with them.