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Global Partnerships & Charities

A central part of Jesuit education is to form men and women to be generous in the service of others. Following the example of Jesus Christ, a special concern for those who are marginalised in society is inculcated in our students. This concern for others is expressed on different levels, most immediately through the school’s charitable activities.

The College is committed to its links with St Ignatius Prep & Primary School, Dodoma, Tanzania. This link allows staff and students to go out to Tanzania to work with the students and community in Dodoma. The College’s work has been recognised and commended by the Tanzanian government and the Prime Minister has thanked the College for its work. It is a life changing experience for all involved and goes to the heart of our mission to serve others. This ‘Global Schools Partnership’ is being supported by the British Council and the Department for International Development. In July 2015, the school welcomed for the first time a group of students from St Ignatius Prep & Primary School, Dodoma, Tanzania, to St Ignatius College in Enfield.

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The College continues to raise funds for a number of charitable organisations:

A former student,  raised more than £5,000 for the North London Hospice by running the London Marathon in 2015.

In June 2014 St Ignatius College in Enfield organised a fun day of running, walking or cycling to raise funds for its sister school in Tanzania.

In 2013 a group of Sixth Form students organised a food collection for the North Enfield Foodbank. Topo Koleoso, one of the leading members of the Foodbank, explained that “We run the foodbank because as Christians we are called to help anyone that finds themselves in need, in such a way that honours and maintains the dignity of the individual. The Christian Church has a long history of reaching out to help people in need. It is what Jesus commanded us to do when he said, ‘Love thy neighbour’.” Many Sixth Formers heard this calling and donated £150 worth of groceries which were gratefully received by North Enfield Foodbank.

In the same year, the St Ignatius College Cycling Club (S.I.C.C.C.) embarked on a 200 mile bike ride from London to Paris to raise money for our sister school, St Ignatius Prep and Primary, Dodoma, Tanzania.

The equally challenging London to Brighton fundraiser event took place in June 2012. It was a memorable day for all who took part , and the impact on our sister school in Tanzania was long term. Owing to the many generous donations from sponsors, S.I.C.C.C was able to raise over £4,300. This sum of money enabled St Ignatius Prep and Primary school to offer more scholarships for the poorest children in Dodoma.

In 2009 the College raised £20,000 for the work we do in Dodoma, Tanzania. This sum was gratefully received by Fr Sosthenes Luyembe SJ.

In 2008 the College was the highest school fundraiser in the country for CAFOD raising £12,000.