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Year 9 Options

Year 9 is the first time for many pupils when they are asked to make decisions about their future, with the guidance and support of those around them. The choices available at Key Stage 4 are structured to cater for the wide variety of learning styles, needs and abilities of all the pupils in Year 9, as we appreciate that not everybody learns in the same way. By doing this we are ensuring that pupils gain the skills needed for learning, work and adult  life.

Leaving school with no qualifications is not an option in a world where there is such competitiveness for employment and where more young people than at any other time aspire to go to university. However, we recognise that Higher Education is not for everyone. Apprenticeships and work based training courses offer other routes into employment.

Year 9 Choices Form 2019

Year 9 Options Booklet 2019

Year 9 Options Evening 2019 Presentation