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Jesuit Institute

“The spiritual quest is quite simply that of recognising the God who comes to meet us, and of having a free heart with which to respond to that meeting” - Archbishop Vincent Nichols

The College aims to assist each individual pupil in his spiritual development. The range of opportunities offered in the furtherance of this aim increases as pupils proceed through the school, as does the degree of choice. Please click here to watch 'The Spirit of Jesuit Education', a film by Dominic Hartley (2014). 'The Spirit of Education' explores the identity and mission of Jesuit schools and their impact on students. 

Jesuit Institute

The Jesuit Institute provides wonderful courses for staff of Jesuit Schools. There is a Shared Vision Induction programme which all new members of staff undertake. There are a number of residential courses that all staff can attend to develop their understanding of Jesuit spirituality and education. There are also excellent resources for chaplains/Jesuit Schools on their website. 

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