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Life in the Sixth Form

Here at St Ignatius College, the Sixth Form is a community within a community where students are guided towards becoming well-rounded individuals.  We ensure that everyone reaches their full potential, both academically and personally, and we support each other throughout our journey.


The Sixth Form is led by key staff who will support students during their time at St Ignatius College:

Mr B Galvin      Head of Sixth Form, with overall responsibility for the Sixth Form

Mrs C Keene    Sixth Form Pastoral Support Manager

Mr I Petrie        Deputy Headteacher

Form Tutors play a vital role in supporting students throughout the next two years. We have a vertical tutoring system in the sixth form.  Mixing the Year 12s and 13s in tutor groups provides opportunities for Year 12s to learn from our Year 13s and be mentored by them.  It also helps create the close knit community and levels of support that help our students thrive.

Being in the Sixth Form requires students to make many decisions on their futures. Whatever path students choose to take, and whatever challenges they will be faced with, we will support them throughout their journey.  Tutors follow a programme which begins with induction themes to ensure students settle quickly into their studies.  Students will also be encouraged to take part in discussions and listen to TED talks.  Tutor time is also used to begin the UCAS process and opportunities are provided for students to ensure they are fully prepared for Higher Education.

As students will study fewer subjects than they did at KS4, they will have a greater number of study lessons on their timetable. Students are expected to spend this time in either the silent study room or the library completing independent study tasks such as going over lesson notes, completing further exercises or preparing for upcoming lessons. The silent study room is supervised by a member of staff.  Students are given advice and helped to encourage those all important independent study skills that are vital for them to achieve in their A Level examinations.

Student Leadership & Enrichment

College Captaincy Team

The Captaincy Team is made up of 16 students.  It includes the College Captain, year team leaders and charity leaders.  The captaincy team work closely with the Headteacher and staff at the College to further improve our facilities and maximise the use of all available resources. The team also helps lead on events for different year groups.  In addition to this, they coordinate fundraising events and give money for good causes.



Being a Prefect at St Ignatius College is a highly prestigious role bringing with it great responsibility.  Prefects take on a number of roles including:

  • Break duties.
  • Lunch duties.
  • Working with other year groups.
  • Attendance at key school events.

We are particularly proud of the fact that our prefects work closely with different year teams in the school.  They talk to the younger students, help them and get involved in mentoring the students.  Our prefects are outstanding role models and set the high standards we expect across the school.


Ignatian Hands

We encourage our students to help in all aspects of school life and also in their local communities.  Ignatian Hands is the encouragement of this area of school life.  Students complete their booklets to show the extra support they have provided in the school and their community.  This support may include helping at school events, being a TA in a lower school class or mentoring students amongst other tasks.  Students are rewarded for their efforts and it certainly means they become men and women for others.

Scholars’ Programme

Some students are selected to take part in the Scholars’ Programme.  This programme involves students researching and receiving tutorials from post graduate students on an area of study.  The students will then write a dissertation on the area of study and receive a university grading.  This programme replicates a university module and helps prepare students for their future as well as broadening their knowledge and understanding of a subject.


Year 12 induction includes a visit to Young Mariners in Hertfordshire.  This takes place at the beginning of the school year and is an ideal opportunity for students to have some fun and also get to know each other better.

Our subjects offer a number of opportunities for school trips.  This includes a visit to the Houses of Parliament and the Royal Courts of Justice.  Theatre trips are also offered to students as well as the opportunity to attend subject conferences.

We strongly believe that visits can only enrich the curriculum and students’ life experiences.

Work Experience

In the last week of the summer term all of Year 12 undertake work experience placements.  This is planned early in the year and students are encouraged to find their own placements in an area that interests them.  In the past students have completed work experience in hospitals, primary schools, Law firms, accountancy firms and investment banks.


Sixth form students may be eligible for a bursary if they are receiving free school meals.  The 16 to 19 Bursary Fund provides financial support to help students overcome specific barriers to participation so they can remain in education.  Information on the bursary will be provided to students at the start of each academic year.  If you believe you are eligible for a bursary then please see Mrs Keene for further details.