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Life in the Sixth Form

Here at St Ignatius College, the Sixth Form is a community within a community where students are guided towards becoming well-rounded individuals. Many of our lessons take place in Roselands, a building that  was originally built as a place of residence for the Jesuit priests. Some subjects, such as Science, are taught in the main building of the school.

At St Ignatius College we ensure that everyone reaches their full potenial and we support each other along our journey. The Captaincy Team is working closely with the Headteacher and staff at the College to further improve our facilities and maximise the use of all available resources. In addition to this, we frequently coordinate fundraising events and give money for good causes. This helps us on our journey to becoming men and women for others.

The College Captaincy Team 



The Sixth Form is led by six key staff who will support students during their time at St Ignatius College:

Mr B Galvin -   Head of Sixth Form, with overall responsibility for the Sixth Form

Mrs C Keene - Sixth Form Pastoral Support Manager

Form Tutors also play a vital role in supporting students throughout the next one or two years. Being in the Sixth Form requires students to make many more decisions which, if the wrong ones are made, could have greater consequences for their future. Whatever path students choose to take, and whatever challenges they will be faced with, we will support them throughout their journey.

As students will study fewer subjects than they did at KS4, they will have a greater number of study lessons on their timetable. Students are expected to spend this time in either the silent study room or the library completing independent study tasks such as going over lesson notes, completing further exercises or preparing for upcoming lessons. The study room will be supervised by a member of staff.