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Higher Education

The majority of students in Year 13 at St Ignatius College progress into Higher Education.  In 2018 92% of our Year 13 students were accepted onto University courses.  Over 20% of these students went on to Russell Group universities.  The universities chosen by our students are varied and include UCL, Nottingham, Swansea, Warwick and Hertfordshire.  Students go on to study a variety of course including Mathematics, Medicine, Economics, Law and Physics.  We are very proud of our students as they, most importantly, choose the right courses for them at the right university.

This year the majority of our Year 13 students are again applying for university.  10 of our students have applied to Oxford or Cambridge Universities and 1 student has applied for Medicine.

We have a very thorough Higher Education process for students.  This begins in year 12.  Students have assemblies with a Higher Education focus and also complete work during tutorial time related to universities.  We encourage students to complete MOOCs, to attend lectures at London universities and also to further their subject knowledge through wider reading.  These help students gain the skills and experiences in order to prepare high quality personal statements.  We have guest speakers from universities who talk to our students about applying to universities.  In the summer of year 12 we have a week dedicated to Higher Education.  This will include guest speakers and inviting back ex-students to talk to our students about their own experiences.  All students will visit a university during the week.  Students are actively encouraged to attend open days to ensure they see the places where they may potentially study.

At the end of Year 12 students will begin preparing their personal statement and we will finalise references and predicted grades.  Students can then complete their form ready to send by October half term in Year 13.


Each year we have a number of students who will apply to Oxford or Cambridge Universities.  These are the 2 most prestigious universities in the country and we are very proud that are students aspire to go to such institutions.  This year 10 of our students have applied for these prestigious universities and we are looking forward to hearing if they have interviews.  Students who wish to apply for these universities are identified during Year 12 and will be offered opportunities to ensure they are prepared for the rigorous admissions process.  This will include attending workshops, having guest speakers and visiting both universities.  This academic year we are hosting an Oxbridge workshop and look forward to welcoming schools from around the borough to this event.  Students will also have the opportunity to be part of the Hawking Society.

The Hawking Society

The Hawking Society is a group of students who meet weekly to have discussions and share ideas with each other.  This group is great preparation for those students wishing to apply to Oxford and Cambridge as well as other top UK universities.  The society takes interest in a range of issues and events, including philosophy discussion, ethical considerations and deep analysis of current affairs.  Students are encouraged to think deeply about questions and read widely.  This helps develop the skills and experiences required to apply for and attend interviews at the UK’s top universities.

Advice for UCAS

  • Prepare thoroughly for your chosen course – attend lectures, complete MOOCs, gain relevant work experience, read books, seek advice.
  • Choose the right course!
  • Find out your predicted grades.
  • Use the personal statement help sheet.
  • Get your personal statement checked by your teachers.  Get different opinions.
  • Complete the form and check carefully. 
  • Be sensible in your choices.  Adopt the 3/2 principle – 3 aspirational and 2 safe choices (or the other way round).
  • Ensure you have an ‘insurance’ choice.
  • Ensure you want to go to all of your choices.
  • Consider the range of universities and courses.  Avoid snobbery – you may need to consider foundation courses and ‘recruiting’ universities.
  • Check your reference. It is your right.


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