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Boys transferring from Year 6 at primary school to Year 7 secondary school must do so through the London–wide co-ordinated admissions scheme. All applicants must submit the e-admissions online application to the boys Local Authority by the 31st October 2021.

In addition, applicants should complete the St Ignatius College Supplementary Information Form (SIF) which is available to download from our website.  The SIF should be returned to the College by the 30th October 2021.

Applications received after this date will be considered after the initial allocation process has been completed (see late application below).

If you do not complete both the e-admissions and the SIF and return them by the closing date the Governing Body may be unable to consider your application fully and it is very unlikely that your child will get a place at the College.

Boys already in Year 7 at secondary school who wish to transfer to Year 7 at St Ignatius College do so by following the procedure set out below in year admissions.


Applications for In-Year admissions are made initially through Enfield Admissions and then directed to the College. If a place is available and there is no waiting list, the child will be admitted. If more applications are received than there are places available then applications will be ranked by the governing body in accordance with the oversubscription criteria. The oversubscription criteria can be viewed by clicking on this link. If a place cannot be offered at this time then you may ask us for the reasons and you will be informed of your right of appeal. You will be offered the opportunity of being placed on a waiting list.  Names are removed from the list at the end of each academic year. When a place becomes available the governing body will re-rank the list and make an offer.


Application may be made for a child to be educated out of his/her age group i.e. a 12 year old being admitted to a Year 7, a 17 year old to a Year 12 or any child admitted in-year to the year below their chronological age group. The applicant should write to the Chair of Governors at the time of application requesting that the child may be admitted out of his/her chronological age group.


If your child is not offered a place at the College, his name will normally be placed on a waiting list for admission to the College (see ‘Waiting List’ below).

If your child is not offered a place at the College you will be entitled to appeal to an independent panel. Details will be given in the letter of refusal. The decision of the panel is final.


St Ignatius College has a waiting  list of boys who have not been offered a place but whose parents express the wish for them to take up a place should one become available. If a place does become available all applicants are assessed in accordance with the entry criteria. Date of receipt of the application is not a factor. Boys who are on the waiting list will not be removed unless requested by their parent(s).



Information on the appeals process will be available soon.


Applications received after the closing date will be dealt with after the initial allocation process has been completed. If the College is oversubscribed it is very unlikely that late applicants will obtain a place.


The College is committed to taking its fair share of children who are vulnerable and/or hard to place, as set out in the locally agreed protocols. Accordingly, outside the normal admissions round the governing body is empowered to give absolute priority to a child where admission is requested under local protocol that has been agreed by both the Diocese and governing body for the current school year. The Governing body has this power even when admitting the child would mean exceeding the published admission number.


St Ignatius College is committed to fairness and transparency in the way it operates its admissions procedures. Parents are invited to contact the College to obtain help in applying, especially if they are disabled or have difficulties of language or are not familiar with the admissions process.


Students transferring from Year 11 do not need to re-apply, but must meet the requirements for the courses for which they have applied.  Please see Sixth Form entry requirements for the relevant year of entry.  Applications from external students including girls are welcome and places will be offered up to maximum capacity. Applications should reach the school by the published closing date, and in the case of over subscription the same criteria will apply as for Year 7. 

Further enquiries should be directed to the Head of Sixth Form. A Sixth Form Prospectus is available.


Proposed Admissions Policy 2022/2023

Proposed Supplementary Information Form 2022/2023


Admissions Policy 2019 - 2020 - click here

Admissions Policy 2020 - 2021 - click here

Admissions Policy 2021 - 2022 - click here





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