Our parent body is our greatest strength; we place the highest value on establishing a genuine working partnership with our parents. In line with Catholic teaching we believe that parents are the prime educators of their child; our task is to build on the values, expectations and spirituality established in the home and to work with parents to encourage their child, our pupil to focus on their true education; who that child chooses to be and the young man he chooses to become. Our aspirations are unequivocal, to encourage each child to develop his talents to the full, to be the man that God has created him to be and to have the capacity to form an adult and personal relationship with our loving God.

We recognise that parents make one of their most important, loving and caring decisions in choosing a secondary school for their child; their son joins our community as a child and leaves as a young man, instilled with values, aspirations and beliefs that will infom his adult life. He is also likely to make life long friends.

Our promise to parents is that in choosing St Ignatius College their son will be safe, will be happy and known as the child that God has created him to be and that we will provide him with an outstanding, Jesuit education. This is a promise that we work to fulfil each and every day of College life.

Our values and aspirations are underpinned by traditional values of hard work, respect for self and others, knowing right from wrong, choosing to do the right thing, having the courage to stand up against that which is wrong, and taking pride in belonging to such a distinctive community. For any child to succeed and flourish at St Ignatius College, these must also be the values of the families and homes from which our children come.

"Senior leaders are precise in their evaluation of the school and are without compromise in their continuing programme of improvement." (Ofsted, 2016)

How to pin the St Ignatius College website to your phone/tablet home screen for quick and easy access



Launch the Chrome for Android browser, search for and open the St Ignatius web page. Tap the menu button and tap Add to homescreen. You’ll be able to enter a name for the shortcut and then Chrome will add it to your home screen. The St Ignatius College shortcut will appear like any other app on your homescreen and you can drag it to any position on your home screen. Other Android browsers off the same feature. Simply tap the menu button, tap the Page option, and tap Add to Home Screen.

Apple iPhone and iPad:

Launch your Safari browser and navigate to the St Ignatius College website. Tap the Share button (rectangle with an arrow pointing upward) on the browser’s toolbar  It’s on the bar at the top of the screen on an iPad, and on the bar at the bottom of the screen on an iPhone. Tap the Add to Home Screen icon in the Share menu. You will be prompted to name the shortcut before it is added to your home screen.