Years 7-11

The Jesuit tradition calls for education of the whole person — including the intellectual, social, and spiritual dimensions. At St Ignatius College, we view these facets of our students‘ growth as interconnected and complementary. In and out of the classroom, St Ignatius College students are challenged with a broad and balanced curriculum which is designed to prepare them for life. In mapping curriculum provision, Senior and Middle Leaders have reflected on what we stand for as a college, what is distinct about the learning experience that we offer and what our students require for academic success beyond St Ignatius College.

British Values, SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development) and SRE (Sex and Relatioship Education) are also being mapped across all curriculum areas. Following a consultation, the college will deliver the KS3 curriculum over two and a half years with the GCSE curriculum beginning in year 9 in RE, Science and Maths.

Form groups and much of the teaching at KS3 is mixed ability. This allows a sense of ambition, aspiration and support for each individual. In moving towards a growth mind-set, we have ensured that students get the opportunity to make choices at KS4 and 5.

The Formal Curriculum

Each student at the college studies Religious Education in Key Stages 3 and 4 with 100% entry at GCSE.
Citizenship is taught by form tutors through half termly drop down sessions. Both learning and values are reinforced through assemblies and worship. Sex Relationship Education is delivered from entry through Religious Education and Science. This is done in accordance with the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.

In Careers, there is professional guidance available throughout the school to ensure full economic well-being. This includes individual interviews, visits off site and work placements. Year 10 have work experience as an integral part of their course. A Careers and Higher Education programme is implemented throughout the Sixth Form.

All students participate in Physical Education lessons (Key Stages 3 and 4). A GCSE option is available at Key Stage 4 and A Level at Key Stage 5. Extra-curricular activities are wide ranging and reviewed termly in response to student demand, as part of our Extended Schools programme. Competitive sports provide opportunities for teamwork.

Computer Science is taught as a discrete subject at Key Stage 3. At Key Stage 4, the majority of pupils will have the opportunity to take a full GCSE examination; the rest are entered for Functional Skills Level 1 or Level 2 or a BTEC Level.

All students are taught English at Key Stage 3 and are entered for English Language and English Literature at Key Stage 4 (GCSE). The Certificate of Achievement will be offered to one or two pupils, if appropriate. At KS3 students are taught in mixed ability classes with a small cohort, achieving Level 4 or below, offered additional support in Year 7.

All students follow Mathematics at Key Stages 3 and 4 and are divided into sets after initial screening. At Key Stage 4, all are entered for GCSE Maths.

Students in Key Stage 3 are taught Science in mixed ability groups. At Key Stage 4, pupils can opt for Triple Sciences or Combined Science GCSE, according to their aspirations and abilities.

All students study Art and Music at Key Stage 3. At Key Stage 4, both subjects are among the option choices. Classes are mixed ability. These subjects are enhanced by broad extra-curricular provision including instrumental tuition, choirs, ensembles, school productions and competitions.

A carousel operates during the course of Key Stage 3 Design and Technology which allows access for all pupils to Drama, Food, Resistant Materials and Graphics. Classes are mixed ability. 
All pupils at Key Stage 3 study History and Geography in mixed ability classes. Two or more option groups are offered for each subject at Key Stage 4. Sociology and Business Studies sets are added in Year 10 as an option choice.

Modern Foreign Languages is part of our core curriculum at Key Stages 3 and 4. All pupils in Year 7 study two languages, French and Spanish. Any student able to achieve in a community language is encouraged to enter a GCSE from Year 10 onwards.

6th Form

The sixth form offers a broad range of courses at Levels 2 and 3 and all follow a formal programme of General Religious Education.

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