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St Ignatius College Chess competition

8 March 2022

The much anticipated St -Ignatius College Chess competition started last month with 16 boys, aged between 11 and 17. Following a gruelling knockout round with some hotly contested fixtures, the four semi finalists emerged. Jayden (6.5), Lorcan 11S, Bosco and Rayn advanced to the last four in the Great Hall.

In an atmosphere fraught with tension, Lorcan prevailed against the precocious Rayn in an eventful game. In the other match, Jayden was forced to be patient due to the dogged defence of Bosco, but was ultimately victorious. 

Whilst Bosco dismantled Rayn's staunch rearguard, all eyes were on the grand finale. 

Jayden and Lorcan exchanged blows and fought till the end, but ultimately, Jayden's relentlessness was rewarded, despite his difficulties with the chess clock! 

Massive Congratulations to Jayden and a special mention to Rayn, eliminated boys up to 4 years his senior in the earlier rounds.

See you all in the summer for the staff-student competition. Ms O'Reilly takes no prisoners...